Insurance advice

At Whitneys as part of our comprehensive service to you, we can advise you and arrange all your insurance needs.

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A mortgage loan to buy our homes is probably the largest financial commitment you will ever make. Sorting out the mortgage and finding the best scheme is only one part of it. You also have to consider these very important questions.

Insurance Advice

The section below explains to you in brief what products are available and why you should consider them.

Mortgage Life Insurance
Will protect you and your family by paying off your mortgage loan should you pass away during the term of the plan

Critical Illness Cover
Provides a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific illness during the term of the plan. Usually included as within your mortgage protection insurance.

Family Protection
Protects your family by providing a lump sum if you pass away during the term of the plan

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance
Pays a monthly income if you cant work due to Accident, illness or redundancy.  You decide the benefit you need.

Buildings and Contents Insurance
To adequately cover and protect your home and possessions.

When you book an appointment with our mortgage consultants to talk about your mortgage requirements, part of our comprehensive service will be to explain in detail all the benefits of each type of policy and provide you with illustrations of all the key features of these insurances.

Or if you just want to find out more about our competitive insurance rates, A personal illustration will show you just how little they may cost.

If you'd like more details, call our general insurance department hotline on 01274 880019, Insurance Advice and we will call you back within 24 hours.

And Landlords….make sure you have adequate Buy to Let property insurance and rent indemnity insurance.  Call now for a quotation now on 01274 880019